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Our Dog Boarding and Train Courses at The Spot 4 Dogs K-9 Training of Knoxville TN are your solution to mitigating any bad dog behavior. Our Board and Train Courses will allow our Certified Dog Trainer to establish a good balanced structure for you and your dog so you can both have a pawsitive relationship. When your dog completes our Board and Train Course we will spend time with you one-on-one to teach you how to maintain the structure and the commands your dog has learned. The Spot 4 Dogs only boards daycare clients (must have attended at least 10 times in order to qualify for boarding), and all dogs previously trained at our facility.  We are not an open boarding facility to the general public.

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Brown dog in training


COST: $2,696

Our three-week board and train package allows your dog to be trained at our facility, in a structured environment, by a professional dog trainer. During our three-week board and train your dog will learn basic commands such as sit, down, implied stays, Off-leash heeling, place, and come and will allow us to eliminate any other problem behaviors your dog displays such as excessive barking, digging, jumping, house manners, and reactivity. We will also take your dog on field trips to familiarize and build on their training out in real-world environments that you may frequent with your dog. Once your pup has completed the three-week course you can book up to three FREE private lessons with your trainer in order to help transition your dog back into the household. Furthermore, you will receive a lifetime of free brush-up sessions! This will get you The best of the best Off-Leash obedience and be able to trust your dog's reliability.

Beagle in dog boarding


COST: $3,300

This four-week board and train is designed to improve extreme behaviors your dog may display, such as aggression or severe anxiety, through structure and balanced training. After completing this course, you can book up to five FREE private sessions to help transition your dog back into the household. You may also take advantage of a lifetime of FREE brush up sessions.

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