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The Spot 4 Dogs training facility in Knoxville, TN


The Spot 4 Dogs mission is to enrich the lives of pets and their families by providing high-quality Training, Grooming, and Daycare services in the best way possible. Our company is based on integrity and compassion for animals and their families, by creating a healthy balanced lifestyle for pets and owners through education and the application of safe and humane balanced training techniques.


The Spot 4 Dogs utilizes balanced training methods. This is a methodology that uses quadrants in learning which means there is reward-based motivation as well as humane communication punishers applied through training tools and equipment. We believe that this is a superior method that maintains confidence and freedom for the dog while also giving the owner reliability and peace of mind. We believe that a happy dog equals a happy owner. We create this through structured dog training.



Jason Decort Professional dog trainer and owner



Jason Decort Professional dog trainer and owner



Jason Decort is a Starmark Certified K-9 Trainer and Behavior Specialist.  As a child, Jason developed a strong love for dogs and by the time he was a teenager, he was fostering dogs through the H.E.L.P. Animal Rescue Organization.  Through the H.E.L.P program, Jason adopted a young Staffordshire terrier and named him Aspen.   Aspen had many behavioral issues and this aspect only increased Jason’s love and motivation to seek out a professional trainer to develop a solution for Aspen.  Jason enrolled Aspen in a program with a local “Balanced Trainer” and 4 weeks later Aspen was a much different well-mannered dog.  In 2014, Jason began working alongside the trainer to better his own understanding and handling skills.

In 2015, Jason started working alongside another local trainer in the positive reinforcement field of training to learn new ideas and methods.  Later that same year, Jason started offering board and trains through his home, pairing the idea of discipline and reward-based training together.  This method of training was a huge success and he soon began having clients tell their friends and family members how much more they enjoyed their dogs after training.  In 2017, Jason left his full-time job as an auto repair technician and became a student at Starmark Animal Behavior Academy in Hutto, Texas.  After completing the academy, Jason started looking for experience with corporate dog training facilities.  His experience led him to discover methods that were not satisfying so Jason opened his own establishment, The Spot 4 Dogs.  The Spot 4 Dogs opened as an in-home dog training business and within a few months, the business quickly grew and transformed into a board and train facility.   To fully support the board and train demand, Jason opened his first facility in the Fort Sanders area of Knoxville, Tennessee and after consistent rapid growth, Jason relocated in 2020 to a new larger location in the Karns community of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Jason’s goal is to help dog owners enjoy their dogs more by teaching them communication skills and building a structure that will ultimately change the dog and dog owner’s relationship so that owning a dog is an enjoyable experience.

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